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Although the 20 gauge is commonly considered to be a small bore shotgun, there is nothing small about the 20 gauge. In fact, with muzzle velocities of many common loads reaching 1,200 feet per second, the performance of the 20 gauge rivals its larger brothers, the 16 gauge and the 12 gauge; albeit with lighter shot loads.

A popular hunting round, the 20 gauge is fully capable of humanely harvesting any North American game species ranging from Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey to rabbits, squirrels, ducks, and doves. Plus, lighter guns make the 20 gauge easier to carry in the field and lighter recoil makes it more pleasurable to shoot than the ever popular 12 gauge. Therefore, the 20 gauge is often chosen as a first shotgun for young hunters as well as a favored field gun for women with smaller statures.

20 gauge ammunition is readily available and there is also a wide range of ammunition types, like birdshot, buckshot and slugs available with each designation correlating with different sizes of lead and steel.

Furthermore, it should be noted that contrary to popular belief, the 20 gauge's shot pattern is just as large as that created by the 12 gauge; although it is less dense. Consequently, with practice, the 20 gauge shooter can be just as effective as the 12 gauge shooter. Take a look at our line-up of 20 gauge slugs, 20 gauge shells and all rounds for sale below:

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  1. 10rds – 20 Gauge NobelSport 2-3/4" 9 Pellets #1 Buckshot Ammo 10rds – 20 Gauge NobelSport 2-3/4" 9 Pellets #1 Buckshot Ammo

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