250rds – 20 Gauge Sellier & Bellot 2-5/8" 12 Pellet #2 Buckshot Ammo


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250rds – 20 Gauge Sellier & Bellot 2-5/8" 12 Pellet #2 Buckshot Ammo Details

The 20 Gauge shotgun owes its great utility for home protection to the lesser recoil it creates than that of its chief rival, the 12 gauge. That makes the weapon more comfortable to train with, and leaves its shooter better able to fire faster follow-up shots and even engage a second target when the situation demands it. If you’re a fan of the 20 Gauge for keeping your home and its contents yours and yours alone, then this shotshell by Sellier & Bellot belongs in your keeping.

This shell is loaded with 12 pellets of #2 buckshot. While the pellets are certainly effective for taking game such as predators and whitetail, they’ll have little trouble folding a human-sized threat in half as well. Sellier & Bellot has secured this shell’s pellets in place with a clear plastic cap, and ensured its ability to fire at a moment’s notice with a responsive and non-corrosive primer. The Czech manufacturer’s wad patterns this shell’s shot evenly, and their propellant burns clean to lessen the impact firing will have on your shotgun’s bore.
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