300 WIN. MAG Ammo

300 Win Mag is the big brother to most modern hunting cartridges and is surprisingly common. The 300 Winchester Magnum is the most popular of the 30 caliber hunting loads and is known for its excellent performance and power. This round is one of the most popular cartridges in the world, actually, and is one of the top ten selling cartridges in the world.

300 Win Mag chambered firearms are capable of firing a 180 grain cartridge at over 3,000 feet per second and rounds as heavy as 220 grain at 2,800 feet per second. That makes this ammo is an excellent long range cartridge when hunting big game with the flexibility for lighter loads to be used for thin skinned medium game like deer. 300 Win Mag is often a gateway to larger calibers and longer range hunting for most shooter’s breaking away from the standard 308 or 30-06 loads. Head to this guide at our blog to learn more about 300 Win Mag's ballistic capabilities.

There are a number of popular rifles chambered in 300 Win Magnum. These include American favorites like the Remington 700 and famed Winchester Model 70. The round has a sharp recoil, and is quite loud, something to expect with anything with magnum in the title. 300 Win Mag ammunition is largely considered a premier performing cartridge with flexible loadings. In fact the round is a handloader’s dream for its flexibility.

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  1. 20rds – 300 Win Mag Vairog 190gr. Solid Brass Ammo 20rds – 300 Win Mag Vairog 190gr. Solid Brass Ammo

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