45 Long Colt ammo is the round that tamed the west. The round was loaded into some of the most famous weapons not only of the west, but of all time. The 45 Long Colt or 45 Colt found it’s way into the famed Single Action Army revolver and the famous Winchester Lever Action rifle. The 45 Colt is a potent round that has seen action across the world as well. The 45 Colt was a favorite for cowboys in the west but across the world in Samuel Colt’s famed revolver and Winchester’s famed rifle.

The 45 Long Colt is not an antique round, or outdated. 45 Long Colt ammunition has adopted and evolved into a modern cartridge, while still holding on to a piece of its roots. Smith and Wesson’s night guard series of big bore belly guns chambered in 45 Colt. S&W also produces their famed Model 25 revolver, also known as the famed mountain gun. S&W and Taurus both produce 410 / 45 Colt revolvers, and of course the beautiful American Derringer models.

The round itself is produced in modern defensive loadings with hollow point bullets available from some of the biggest ammo manufacturers around today. Of course, the more traditional loads for cowboy action shooting, like lead round nose and wadcutter rounds, are still popular and are built to near the same specs the same were a hundred years ago.

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  1. 50rds - 45 Long Colt DRS 250gr. Lead RNFP Ammo


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  2. 500rds – 45 Long Colt Remington Target 225gr. LSWC Ammo


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  3. 500rds - 45 Colt Remington Target 250gr. LRN Ammo


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  4. 50rds - 45 Long Colt Fiocchi Cowboy 250gr. LRNFP Ammo


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  5. 500rds - 45 Long Colt Black Hills 250gr. RNFP Ammo


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  6. 50rds - 45 Long Colt MAGTECH Cowboy 250gr. Lead Flat Nose Ammo


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  7. 50rds - 45 Colt Remington Target 250gr. LRN Ammo


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  8. 50rds - 45 Long Colt Ultramax 250gr. Round Nose Flat Point Ammo


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  9. 45 Long Colt 250 gr Lead Flat Nose Winchester Cowboy Ammunition For Sale!
  10. 20rds - 45 Long Colt Winchester 255gr. LRN Ammo


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  11. 200rds - 45 Long Colt Hornady 225gr. LEVERevolution FTX Ammo


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  12. 20rds - 45 Long Colt Hornady 225gr. LEVERevolution FTX Ammo
  13. 20rds - 45 Long Colt Federal Champion 225gr. Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Ammo
  14. 20rds - 45 Long Colt Hornady Critical Defense 185gr. FTX Ammo
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