500rds - 22 WMR Hornady 30gr. V-MAX Polymer Tip in Ammo Can

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  • Bullet Weight 30 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 83202D

This is 22 WMR Hornady 30gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo. After the introduction and overwhelming success of the Hornady 17HMR and 17 Mach 2, customers have requested that Hornady manufacture some high-quality ammo for their 22 WMR. Here It Is! The new Hornady 22 WMR ammunition delivers the pinnacle of rimfire performance. Its 30 gr V-MAX bullet leaves the muzzle at 2,200 feet per second, and delivers levels of accuracy never before seen from this cartridge, and excellent terminal performance out to 125 yards. Hornady’s 22 WMR dramatically improves the accuracy of virtually any 22 WMR rifle.This addition to the Hornady rimfire line represents the kind of quality the world has come to expect from Hornady. This is a truly fine addition to the Hornady line! This ammo is packed in a black polymer ammo box, and contains one brick of 500rds.

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