16 Gauge Ammo

16 gauge shotgun ammo is one of the best balanced shotgun rounds in the world, falling between the 12 gauge and 20 gauge in terms of power. The 16 gauge round is almost perfect for hunting medium and small game across North America. Due to the rounds relatively low recoil and relative size, it is an extremely versatile in terms of the size of game that can be hunted, and the size of the shooter. Want to learn more? See how the 16 gauge stacks up to 12 gauge in this article.

With all that going for it, the 16 gauge has still lost popularity with the United States shooting world, but at one time was considered one of the premiere shotgun shells in existence. The round was often seen as the gentleman’s round. The shells populated the refined double barrels of the 20th century, and was extensively used for upland bird hunting.

The 16 gauge may have met its end when the shooting game of skeet became popular. The rules excluded the 16 gauge. Since skeet was a gentleman’s game, and the 16 gauge was a gentleman’s cartridge, this dealt the death blow to its popularity The 16 gauge has a variety of shells available for it, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs, many of which you can find for sale listed below:

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