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44 Magnum ammo is a large bore caliber designed primarily for revolvers, but has been chambered in large automatics like the Desert Eagle, lever guns by Rossi and Marlin, and a semi auto rifle by Ruger. Remington designed the 44 Magnum cartridge by lengthening the case of the 44 Special by .125 of an inch. 44 mag was the result of handloaders loading 44 special to it’s maximum potential.

The 44 Magnum round was an instant success and has remained popular even after losing the title of most powerful production cartridge. The ammunition became a massive hit when it was featured in Clint Eastwood’s "Dirty Harry", bringing the power and grace of the 44 special to the forefront of American gun-admirers' minds. Check out our line-up of 44 FMJ ammunition as well as 44 jacketed hollow point rounds for sale listed in the categories below:

44 Remington Magnum is an exceptionally capable short range hunting round --- favored for it’s penetrative ability, it’s massive projectile, and it’s accuracy. Inside of a hundred yards the 44 Mag caliber is hard to beat. It is also suitable for medium and large game, capable of taking down animals up to the size of an elk. 44 Mag is also a round favored for the field self-defense due to it’s massive power, which when loaded correctly can take bears.

The 44 Magnum is the most popular of big bore pistols for it’s combination of power and it’s ability to be used in multiple platforms. Few rounds can be utilized in revolvers, semi auto handguns, and rifles, while packing such a punch.

Check out our selection of 44 magnum with full metal jacket, hollow point bullets and other loads for sale below:

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  1. 500rds - 44 Mag PMC 180gr. Hollow Point Ammo 500rds - 44 Mag PMC 180gr. Hollow Point Ammo

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  2. 25rds – 44 Mag PMC Bronze 240gr. Truncated Cone SP Ammo 25rds – 44 Mag PMC Bronze 240gr. Truncated Cone SP Ammo

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  3. 50rds – 44 Magn Blazer 240gr. JHP Ammo 50rds – 44 Magn Blazer 240gr. JHP Ammo

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3 Item(s)

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