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NobelSport Italia, also known as NSI, is a manufacturer of shotgun ammunition and loading components. They create everything a home loader could need for their shotgun ammunition, including powders, cases, primers, wads, and loads. For both hunting and clay-shooting purposes, NobelSport is a popular choice across the country.

NobelSport is based out of Italy and has a meticulous inspection and research process that goes into every product. Their process includes chemical analysis, range trials, consumer workshops, and more. All of these steps are designed to meet one goal: the creation of world-class shotgun products. From their individual components to the pre-loaded shotshells, NSI has dependable, reliable ammunition for nearly any purpose.

NobelSport holds the honor of being the first European manufacturer of powder made specifically for hunting and shooting purposes. By producing all shotshell components, this innovative and historic company has helped shotgun owners build reliable, effective ammunition for a wide range of purposes.

One of NobelSport’s finest products is their patented special wad. These wads, which are the only products available with an internal dampener, deliver superior performance to 12-gauge ammunition. NobelSport’s wads are made with polyethylene to create outstanding ballistic performance.

The company also provides high-quality primers. These primers can be used in target and field loads, delivering consistent ignition and giving your shells maximum capability.

You don’t have to be a home-loading expert to take advantage of NobelSport’s quality and precision. The company also provides an extensive selection of whole ammunition for shotguns, including skeet, waterfowl, and trap shooting loads. Their ammo is loaded with the finest powders and shot, creating consistency and performance at the range or in the field.

Anyone interested in home loading can also turn to NobelSport for ammunition loaded with buckshot. The company offers hunting, law-enforcement, and personal-defense shot that are all made to the most detailed specifications.

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Recent NobelSport Ammo Reviews

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Placed first order Tuesday. Package arrived today exactly three days later. I thought it would take at least a week or two in this covid 19 era. Will be shopping more here for sure. 5 stars
    Quintin Favors on 10rds – 20 Gauge NobelSport 2-3/4" 9 Pellets #1 Buckshot Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    First purchase from ammotogo, and a great experience. Super fast shipping. Great service. Field tested these rounds today. Heavy recoil on my Mossberg 500. Equally devastating impacts on the target. Good home protection round, and good value for money.
    Jeff Miller on 250rds - 12 Gauge NobelSport LE 2 3/4 12 Pellet 00 Buckshot Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    These shells are slightly longer than other 00Buck comparatively. Not an issue in my Kel Tec but my Mag-fed shotgun does not like to accept them. Gonna have to buy some different ammo to rectify.
    Ty on 250rds – 12 Gauge Nobel Sport Italia Law Enforcement Low Recoil 2-3/4" 9-Pellet 00 Buckshot Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Nasty stuff. This is some uncivilized buckshot. First of all it has a hell of a kick which in a semi-auto is not a bad thing. My gun is very ammo-sensitive but this stuff cycled perfectly. It is also loud and put out some serious smoke. The pattern spread at 50 yards was a little loose, right in the middle between sloppy and tight. I like it for home defense purposes, especially at the price. My only complaint is that the 2 3/4" shells are a little long, so a tube magazine that normally holds five 2 3/4" shells will only hold 4.
    Marlon Weingrad on 250rds - 12 Gauge NobelSport LE 2 3/4 12 Pellet 00 Buckshot Ammo