Black Hills Ammunition Ammo

Black Hills is a popular and growing ammunition company based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. Located just miles from the famous Black Hills National Forest, the company gets its character and spirit from the rich history of the region, creating ammunition that can be trusted for hunting, self defense, and target shooting.

They not only make cartridges for modern firearms, such as AR-style rifles, they also create ammunition for classic revolvers and lever-action guns. No matter what, they are always creating superior ammo that is built with the highest level of dedication and consistency.

Black Hills has a reputation for combining the best possible components to create a cartridge that is reliable, accurate, and effective. Their product line includes brand-new options for rifles and handguns, and they also have remanufactured bullets, which are created for high-volume shooters who need rounds for hours upon hours of training. Their remanufactured options deliver value without sacrificing quality.

As an example of the excellence and reliability of Black Hills ammunition, the company’s products are selected by numerous firearms manufacturers for testing their rifles and handguns. Manufacturers that use Black Hills ammunition for testing include Browning, Armalite, Marlin, Mossberg, Rock River Arms, Savage, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield. If these companies can rely on Black Hills ammo for consistency and reliability in their product testing, you can certainly count on them for target shooting, hunting, and self defense.

One of Black Hills’ premier products is the line of “Black Hills Gold” ammunition. These cartridges deliver outstanding internal, external, and terminal ballistics, making them especially popular for trophy hunting. This line is available in many cartridges, including .243 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .308 Winchester.

It seems only appropriate the Black Hills would offer a line of ammunition called “Authentic Cowboy Action.” These tough and rugged cartridges deliver superior power and reliability to a wide range of revolvers, allowing modern shooters to enjoy the thumping power of vintage handguns. Rounds made in “Authentic Cowboy Action” include .38 Long Colt, .44 Colt, and .357 Magnum.

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  1. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 55gr. Soft Point Ammo

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  2. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 40gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo

    18 In Stock

  3. 20rds - 7mm Rem Mag Black Hills Gold 154gr. SST Polymer Tip Ammo

    36 In Stock

  4. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 50gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo

    19 In Stock

  5. 20rds - 308 Black Hills 175gr. Match Boat-Tail Hollow Point Ammo

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    56 In Stock

  6. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 60gr. Remanufactured V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo

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    18 In Stock

  7. 20rds - 25-06 Rem. Black Hills Gold 100gr. Barnes Triple Shock Hollow Point Copper Ammo

    15 In Stock

  8. 50rds - .223 Black Hills 55gr. Remanufactured Full Metal Jacket Ammo

    5 In Stock

  9. 20rds - 25-06 Rem. Black Hills Gold 117gr. SST Ammo

    1 In Stock

  10. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 62gr. Barnes TSX HP Ammo

    32 In Stock

  11. 50rds - 223 Black Hills 55gr. Barnes Multi-Purpose Green Hollow Point Ammo

    33 In Stock

  12. 20rds - 45 ACP Black Hills 230gr. Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo

    42 In Stock

  13. 20rds - 9mm Black Hills 115gr. Barnes XP +P Hollow Point Ammo

    44 In Stock

  14. 20rds - 45 ACP Black Hills 185gr. Tac-XP +P HP Ammo

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    3 In Stock

  15. 20rds - 338 Norma Mag Black Hills 300gr. Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo

    11 In Stock

  16. 20rds - 9mm Luger New Black Hills 115gr. Jacketed Hollow Point EXP (Extra Power) Ammo

    21 In Stock

  17. 20rds - 9mm Luger Black Hills 124gr. +P JHP Ammo

    28 In Stock

  18. 20rds - 9mm Luger Black Hills 124gr. JHP Ammo

    35 In Stock

  19. 20rds - 45 ACP Black Hills New Factory 200gr. SWC Ammo

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  20. 50rds - 223 Black Hills Remanufactured 50gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo

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    9 In Stock

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