The 9mm Makarov has no shortage of decent self-defense loads out there and the pre fragmented round is a natural extension of these rounds. The 9mm Makarov suffers the same weakness all concealed carry calibers do: the shooter. The 9x18 shooter can miss, and a miss in an urban scenario can be deadly for an innocent civilian.

A pre fragmented round is designed to explode on impact, no matter if the impact is a soft target or a hard surface. Pre-fragmented 9x18 rounds break apart and greatly reduce the risk of harming anyone in case of a miss. The explosion of pre fragmented rounds often means the round lacks penetration, but creates a multitude of different wound channels. Browse our in-stock pre-frag 9mm Makarov ammo for sale below:

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    I just shot two rounds of this RBCD Performance Plus 9 X 18 ammo from a PA-63. I recorded it on my cell phone to look at how the gun reacted. I had what it looked like no noticeable muzzle flip with this round. The rounds had a nice sound to them. I'm looking for feedback from other people who fired this round from a PA-63.
    PA-63 RBCD Ammo on 20rds - 9x18 Makarov RBCD Performance Plus 45gr Total Fragmenting Soft Point Ammo