The 9mm Makarov’s popularity was ignited by being extremely affordable, and made extremely well. These pistols were smaller than a 9mm Luger handgun, and more potent than a 380 ACP so the 9mm Mak was desperately in need of high quality self-defense ammunition, that's where frangible 9x18 rounds come in.

Ammunition makers took note of the need and frangible 9mm Mak ammunition was created. Frangible roudns are designed to break down when they hit a hard surface, cutting down on the risk of over penetration and ricochets if the shooter misses his or her target. 9x18 Frangible ammo makes an excellent self-defense load for concealed carry since a miss is less dangerous and over penetration is non-existent. That said, most shooters will prefer an expanding bullet for self-defense and frangible 9mm Makarov ammo is most commonly used during close-combat training exercises.

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