200rds – 308 Win Prvi Partizan 180gr. SP Ammo


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200rds – 308 Win Prvi Partizan 180gr. SP Ammo Details

We love the 308 Win for hunting deer – and if you’ve made it to this web page, there’s a fairly good chance you share our sentiment. We’re offering Prvi Partizan’s fine Serbian-made 308 hunting ammo by the case of 200, so you’ll be able to take a few 20-round boxes with you to the range before you take the rest out into the woods!

This cartridge is loaded with a 180 grain bullet. It’ll show you a 2,542 fps muzzle velocity out of a 24” barrel, a 0.407 G1 ballistic coefficient in flight, and arrive at 500 yards with over 1,000 ft lbs of kinetic energy to spare. As a soft point, the bullet is dressed in a nonmagnetic copper alloy jacket which hardens it enough to assure smooth feeding and deep penetration after impact. Once the bullet’s ductile lead core springs into action, it will produce the deadly mushrooming which turns good marksmanship into a clean kill.

Prvi Partizan mints their own headstamped smooth-cycling brass cases, as well as noncorrosive Boxer primers and clean-burning powder that should produce highly satisfactory results in all makes and models of rifles.
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    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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