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The craze over polymer-tipped ammunition is well-founded and among .270 rifle shooters, it’s no different. A marriage of the hollow-point bullet's accuracy and expansion with the penetration of the soft-point bullet, polymer-tipped bullets have become quite popular. Another advantage is the lessened chance of tip deformation while handling or while subjected to heavy recoil in a gun's magazine. A number of excellent manufacturers are offering factory loadings with polymer tips that you'll find in-stock and for sale below:

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  1. 20rds - 270 Win. Black Hills Gold 130gr Hornady GMX Ammo


    8 In Stock

  2. 20rds - 270 Win. Black Hills Gold 130gr Hornady SST Ammo


    27 In Stock

  3. 20rds - 270 Win Fiocchi Extrema 150gr. SST Polymer Tip Ammo


    33 In Stock

  4. 20rds - 270 Win. Hornady 130gr GMX Superformance Ammo


    37 In Stock

  5. 20rds - 270 Win Hornady Custom Lite Reduced Recoil 120gr. SST Polymer Tip Ammo
  6. 20rds - 270 Winchester 130gr. Supreme Ballistic Silvertip Ammo
  7. 20rds - 270 Winchester Supreme 140gr. AccuBond Ammo


    17 In Stock

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