50rds – 9mm Ammo Inc. Streak 124gr. TMJ Non-Incendiary Visual Tracer Ammo


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Streak 124 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Tracer ammunition is really neat stuff, but we can appreciate why you’d be apprehensive about firing it. A single pyrotechnic projectile can start a fire fairly easily, and you don’t want to create any unnecessary trouble for your local fire department.

Ammo Inc.’s Streak label 9mm gives you the opportunity to train with non-incendiary tracer ammunition. This round’s 124 grain total metal jacket bullet does not burn or otherwise produce heat, but it does emit light thanks to its luminescent base. When muzzle flash illuminates the bottom of the bullet, its special coating reflects green light back toward the firing line so you can clearly make out your shot trajectory. Very clever! Just make sure you fire this ammo at an indoor range or outdoors around dusk so you can appreciate its full effect.

The TMJ is an excellent choice for indoor shooting. The bullet’s fully encapsulated core will not permit the heat of ignition to create aerosolized lead. That will keep your lungs safe from a very unhealthy heavy metal, and it will keep your firearm’s barrel cleaner as well! Ammo Inc.’s Arizona-made ammunition is brass-cased, noncorrosive, reloadable and reliable. Fire this ammo around your pals and they’ll be seeing green – with envy.
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