50rds – 5.56x45 Aguila 62gr. FMJBT Ammo


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50rds – 5.56x45 Aguila 62gr. FMJBT Ammo Details

This 5.56x45 ammo by Aguila is a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the rifle range.

Based in Mexico, Aguila is Latin America’s premier ammo producer. They make a lot of 5.56x45 ammo for the Mexican Armed Forces’ FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifle, but we know it works just as well in the great American AR-15.

This 5.56 cartridge has a full metal jacket boat tail. It’s the basic type of bullet people prefer for regular range practice, but the powerful 5.56 generally holds its own in a self-defense situation even when its bullet can’t expand inside its target. Its boat tail just means this bullet’s base ends in a sloping formation, which makes it more aerodynamic. At 62 grains the bullet has a little extra weight to help keep it on course in crosswinds – its muzzle velocity is still nearly Mach 3.

Aguila does not include steel anywhere in their nonmagnetic bullets, and their cases are freshly rolled brass. This noncorrosive ammo is not military surplus. It was manufactured recently with folks like us in mind!
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    Super fast shipping. Ordered on the 15th and have in hand on the 17th. Shipping cost was cheaper than the other vendors I looked at. All rounds are accounted for. Very happy with my first experience from Ammotogo.com

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