20rds – 5.56x45 Prvi Partizan Rangemaster 55gr. FMJBT Ammo


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20rds – 5.56x45 Prvi Partizan Rangemaster 55gr. FMJBT Ammo Details

When you bring Prvi Partizan Rangemaster 5.56x45 ammo to the gun range, the other people there are going to ask if they can help themselves to it. You’re always eager to make new friends, but you’re still going to want to tell them “NO! This is my Prvi Partizan Rangemaster 5.56x45 ammo. Get your own!” It’s just that good, folks!

This is reliable target shooting ammo that you could also trust for home defense. Its new production brass cases are minted to precise dimensions, so they’ll feed, chamber and extract like greased lightning. Its primers are non-corrosive Boxers – so you can reload it – and its low-residue powder makes its performance that much cleaner.

Best for last: the bullet, a 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail. Prvi Partizan heavily standardizes their bullets’ weights, which alongside their consistent cores, jackets, and boat tail angulature promotes highly predictable accuracy.

The boat tail itself is an especially nice quality of life feature, as it protects the bullet’s trajectory against cross winds while keeping its trajectory flatter over long distances. Its 0.248 G1 ballistic coefficient should keep this ammo’s velocity supersonic until nearly 720 yards!
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