20rds – 300 Win Mag Barnes VOR-TX 165gr. TTSX BT Ammo


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Barnes Bullets 165 Grain TTSX Ammo Details

This 300 Win Mag round from Barnes’ VOR-TX line of ammunition features the 165 grain TTSX BT projectile, a bullet designed in every way to make your next buck hunt a sure thing. The TTSX BT is an exceedingly accurate bullet: The rings cut into its shank as well as its tapered base improve its ballistic coefficient substantially, as does its polymer tip. Upon impact that tip jams down into the bullet’s re-engineered nose cavity, initiating rapid expansion which produces four razor sharp cutting petals.

Perhaps most importantly the TTSX is devoid of lead, and is made of copper instead. That not only makes it ideal for hunting expeditions in California, but also enables it to cause very little fouling. Furthermore, as this bullet makes the perpetual problem of core and jacket separation completely moot, it’s able to exhibit as great as 100 percent weight retention. Such a fast-killing bullet does well to be complemented by Barnes other high quality components, so these 20 rounds are all you need to take your quarry wherever you’re hunting, California or elsewhere.
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    165 Grain
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    Barnes Bullets
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Rob Catron

    Absolutely the best ammunition I have ever used in my 300 win. mag. I switched from Hornady 150gr. and will not go back.

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