20rds – 243 Win Prvi Partizan 100gr. SP Ammo


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Prvi Partizan Ammunition 100 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

Bagging a big buck shouldn’t have to cost you big bucks. If you’d like to enjoy yourself this upcoming hunting season without having to worry about each shot putting a hefty dent in your bank account, then this 243 Win cartridge by Prvi Partizan has got you covered. Its 100 grain bullet is a soft point, so it’ll widen and tumble around within your target to destroy whatever vital parts it encounters in there, and its jacket’s concentricity and uniformly dense core deliver the accuracy you need to get a clean shot.

This cartridge’s casing is made of brass and is fresh from the factory, so it’s an even more economical choice for a handloading enthusiast. The round’s non-corrosive primer won’t coat your rifle’s sensitive interior with caustic salts after ignition, and its propellant is clean burning as well so you can fire several shots accurately. Prvi Partizan’s reputation for making high quality ammo is well-deserved -- see why for yourself with this great box of rifle ammo!
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    243 Winchester
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