20rds - 22-250 Prvi Partizan 55gr. SP Ammo

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20rds - 22-250 Prvi Partizan 55gr. SP Ammo Details

This 22-250 cartridge is made by Prvi Partizan, a Serbian company which has been in the business of fine ammo production since their establishment in 1928. They are owned primarily by their government, and as such supply the entirety of their nation’s armed forces and law enforcement agencies for their ammunition needs. Prvi Partizan enjoys worldwide distribution as well, and few shooting enthusiasts dispute the all-encompassing quality of their products.

This 22-250 cartridge features a 55 grain soft point projectile. The exposed core at the bullet’s tip causes it to mushroom outward dramatically during penetration, creating a wide and typically lethal wound cavity that will stop game dead in its tracks. This bullet’s jacket serves to control that rapid expansion, and further protects your rifle’s bore from accruing residue which would detract from its accuracy. This round’s brand new brass casing is ideal for reloading as well.
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    22-250 Remington
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