20ds - 224 Valkyrie Federal Fusion 90gr. SP Ammo

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20ds - 224 Valkyrie Federal Fusion 90gr. SP Ammo Details

For the medium game hunter looking for powerful ammo without an intense recoil, Federal introduced the 224 Valkyrie caliber in late 2017. This 224 Valkyrie ammo has a 90gr. soft point (SP) bullet that deforms on contact, similar to a hollow point design. The bonded core helps the projectile maintain its weight in flight, leading to deeper penetration for maximum terminal potential. Federal uses new production brass casings for this particular Fusion caliber, each Boxer-primed and reloadable. The muzzle velocity of these rounds is 2550 fps when fired from a standard length barrel of an MSR 15 platform rifle.
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    90 Grain
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    Deer Hunting
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    224 Valkyrie
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