200rds – 45-70 Govt. Hornady LEVERevolution 325gr. FTX Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 325 Grain Flex Tip (FTX) Ammo Details

This 45-70 Government cartridge by Hornady features a 325 grain FTX projectile. The bullet’s elastomer tip not only helps to streamline its entire profile for better in-flight performance, but also initiates rapid expansion as it wedges deep within the high antimony lead core upon impact. This bullet’s specially engineered jacket serves to control that expansion, and is nearly inseparable from the core during penetration courtesy of the InterLock ring that mechanically binds them together. This bullet’s secant ogive design markedly raises its ballistic coefficient, helping to flatten out its trajectory substantially.

As a LEVERevolution, this round’s bullet’s relatively soft tip adds further value by ensuring you’ll not have to worry about a misfire occurring within your lever action rifle’s magazine. The round’s modern propellant delivers a fast and reliable muzzle velocity of 2,050 fps, another welcome feature that compensates for a heavy bullet’s tendency to drop over longer distances.
  • Manufacturer
  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
    325 Grain
  • Bullet Type
    Flex Tip (FTX)
  • Use Type
    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
  • Casing Type
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    45-70 Government
  • Manufacturer SKU
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  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Muzzle Energy
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Hornady Ammunition 45-70 Government Ballistic Data

Hornady Ammunition 45-70 Government Ammo Details

Barrel Length inches
Ballistics Coefficient (G1)
Ballistics Coefficient (G7)
Sectional Density
Muzzle 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds. 500 yds.
Velocity fps 2050 1729 1450 1225 n/a n/a
Energy ft lbs 3032 2158 1516 1083 n/a n/a
Bullet drop inch -1.5 3 0 -27.8 n/a n/a


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