200rds – 30-30 Win Prvi Partizan 170gr. FSP Ammo

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Prvi Partizan Ammunition 170 Grain Flat Soft Point Ammo Details

Does your rifle have a tubular magazine? Then you know you don’t want to load a round in it that’s capable of igniting the primer its tip touches while the thing’s slung over your shoulder -- it’s bad for the rifle, it could be bad for your shoulder, and at best it wastes a cartridge. That’s why you should invest in this fine 30-30 Win round by Prvi Partizan: With so flat a meplat, its bullet won’t turn your hunt into something you’d rather have done without.

This cartridge’s 170 grain flat soft point projectile has a strong copper partial jacket, so it’s totally capable of penetrating a rugged quarry’s hide and then going far, far deeper. As this bullet penetrates, the lead in its tip will cause it to expand rapidly yet in in a controlled fashion, establishing a wide wound channel that few creatures have the salt to lope away from. Prvi Partizan makes all of their components in-house, and their production process and quality assurance protocol ensure that this round’s brass casing and non-caustic Boxer primer are poised to complement your hunt perfectly. Invest in a whole case, just in case!
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    Deer Hunting
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    30-30 Winchester
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