1000rds – 45 Long Colt Ammo Inc. 250gr. TMJ Ammo




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Ammo Incorporated 250 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Got a Henry, Colt Single Action Army, S&W Governor, Taurus Judge, Bond Arms Cowboy Defender, or other fine instrument of 45 Long Colt target shootery? Then your ship has come in. Your star is shining bright. The birds are all singing your name! We have got Ammo Inc.’s fine Wisconsin-made 45 Colt range ammo in stock, and we’re shipping it out in 1,000-round cases!

This ammo’s total metal jacket bullets make it the cleaner way to put holes through bullseyes. Each 250 grain projectile features a solid lead core that is completely surrounded by nonmagnetic gilding metal. Hot propellant gasses will not succeed at burning any lead off the TMJ, which provides an altogether healthier training environment and greatly decelerates fouling of the barrel.

Whether you run these range loads through a revolver, derringer or rifle, you’ll appreciate its abnormally clean-burning propellant, reliable Boxer primers, and pin-straight rimmed cases. Virgin brass makes this case of ammo an even better investment for handloaders!
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    45 Long Colt
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