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Backed by nearly 140 years of production experience, TulAmmo, a branch of Tula Cartridge Works, is a popular brand that has been meeting the needs of gun owners for well over a century. While they are a company deeply rooted in history, they make use of evolving technologies, research, and state-of-the-art innovations to create some of the finest shooting products in the world.

Tula Cartridge Works was founded in 1880 by Emperor Alexander II of Russia. The company played a major role in history, including significant contributions to allied forces, helping defeat the spread of Nazi Germany. The facility churned out millions of small-arms rounds, which were used extensively in World War II.

After the second world war, Tula Cartridge Works continued to innovate and create. They released many new products and discovered new ways to produce ammunition, creating products that were both reliable and affordable. Today, most Tula ammo sold in the United States has a steel casing, which makes it a cheaper option than domestically produced, brass-cased rounds. (Check out this article for more details about steel vs brass cased ammo.

In the United States, Tula Cartridge Works is represented by a branch called TulAmmo USA. By providing clean, accurate products to American shooters and hunters, TulAmmo has become one of the most popular choices for affordable, high-volume ammunition.

TulAmmo has three primary product lines: handgun ammo, rifle ammo, and primers. Their primers are non-corrosive and deliver superior reliability and performance to a large line of rifle calibers, They have non-corrosive Boxer primers, lead-free NC primers, and Berdan primers.

TulAmmo has found a niche as one of the top producers of budget-priced ammunition. This is not to say their products are sub-standard, as they are continually selected by the most elite and experienced shooters in the country. When it comes to bulk ammunition, TulAmmo allows you to have an affordable product without sacrificing quality and consistency.

Their primary product line is in high-volume rifle and handgun cartridges. Their pistol cartridges include .380 ACP, 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and .45 Auto. For rifle ammunition, TulAmmo has options for .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and 7.62 X 39mm.

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  1. 1000rds – 9mm Tula 115gr. FMJ Ammo 1000rds – 9mm Tula 115gr. FMJ Ammo Video

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  2. 1000rds - 223 Tula 55gr. FMJ Ammo 1000rds - 223 Tula 55gr. FMJ Ammo Video

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  3. 1000rds - 7.62x39mm Tula 122gr. FMJ Ammo 1000rds - 7.62x39mm Tula 122gr. FMJ Ammo Video

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  4. Tula 223 Rem 62 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds Tula 223 Rem 62 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds

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  5. 38 Special - 130 Grain FMJ - Tula - 50 Rounds 38 Special - 130 Grain FMJ - Tula - 50 Rounds

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  6. 40rds - 7.62x39mm Tula 122gr. FMJ Ammo 40rds - 7.62x39mm Tula 122gr. FMJ Ammo

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  7. 500rds - 45 ACP Tula 230gr. FMJ Ammo 500rds - 45 ACP Tula 230gr. FMJ Ammo Video

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  8. 500rds – 308 Win Tula 150gr. FMJ Ammo 500rds – 308 Win Tula 150gr. FMJ Ammo Video

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  9. 500rds – 7.62x54R Tula 148gr. FMJ Ammo 500rds – 7.62x54R Tula 148gr. FMJ Ammo

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  10. 20rds – 308 Win Tula 150gr. FMJ Ammo 20rds – 308 Win Tula 150gr. FMJ Ammo

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10 Item(s)

Recent Tula Ammo Reviews

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Of the steel cased foreign made ammo the only brand I have ever had problems with has been Tula in 7.62X39. Yep, it goes bang but many lots are so obviously inconsistently loaded that you can HEAR the difference between different rounds.....and of course your groupings expand greatly. The stuff that Century has a hand in importing called Red Army Standard is merely Tula repackaged so..... In .223 I have heard generally good reports. Strange but from several different people it seems to be a good range/practice round. I personally have had good luck with Tula in pistol calibers, specifically 9mm.....my Glock 19 and 26 gobble em up and they group decently and of course they are inexpensive rounds to shoot. I feel that a lot of the bad reviews of any steel cased ammo is similar to old reviews of Glocks when they were first introduced. As late as 1989 I fell into that category when one Christmas the wife gifted me an early Gen2 Glock 19.....I put on the usual act of course with the "oh, honey, this is so wonderful, Ive heard so much about these guns"....yadda yadda yadda. The gun sat in my safe mostly untouched while the BS stories about the guns being invisible to airport X-ray went through the media and common talk........that started me taking another look as there is a LOT of metal in a Glock which would of course be very visible on any xray...so I started practicing and running that old 19 and started a passionate affair with the gun that was exhibited by the usual buying of extended this and thats and installing trigger upgrades.....the gamut. I still have and use that old Glock 19, it still runs like a swiss watch and with its latest add on, a trigger pack made perfect by Johnny Glock......well, I had become pretty good with that old Glock and two others but I got even better by the incredible work Johnny Glock can do with a trigger group. Anyway, that old "plastic gun POS" bull crap is now almost forgotten but the "all steel cased ammo is horribly innacurate, lots of failures to fire and function, wears out your chamber and barrel"......all of it largely BS pure and simple by people that still believe that the 1911 is by far the finest gun ever made by Gods hands themselves and not the obsolete overweight limited capacity gun of yore that it actually is. Try the stuff and decide yourself. My guess is that you will have good success simply by being able to afford to practice more.
    Josef Bidenskov on 1000rds - 223 Tula 55gr. FMJ Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Shot over a hundred rounds at a range. No problems, they fire perfectly. Will be purchasing more
    Karen L. on 1000rds - 223 Rem Tula 75 Grain HP Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    It's inexpensive ammo, If your gun can't handle it check your gun....imho It is non corrosive, it is dirtier than US ammo but is alot more affordable. Clean your gun after use.
    Charles on 38 Special - 130 Grain FMJ - Tula - 50 Rounds
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Great price - fairly accurate
    Jack Mehoffe on 20rds - 223 Tula 55gr. FMJ Ammo