28 Gauge Ammo

28 gauge ammo has been around for more than 100 years and outside of a few specific niches the 28 gauge is widely unknown. The round was invented in the early 1900s by the Parker Brothers firm, an American firearm manufacturing company that produced some of the finest shotguns, specifically bird guns, the world has ever seen. The 28 gauge is used in small bore skeet contests, as it can fire more lead than a .410, making it easier to hit clay pigeons. The 28 gauge has become very popular with upland game hunters for a number of reasons. Shotguns chambered in it are often very lightweight, easy handling and tend to point very naturally. They are also popular for younger or more petite shooters due to it’s light recoiling nature.

28 gauge ammunition is very popular in the Southern section of the United States for quail hunting, where its lighter loads are appreciated in terms of taking game. A lighter load tends to do less damage to the delicate meat of small birds. 28 ga offers a very comfortable round that is very efficient for it’s small bore size.

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