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Nosler is a bullet and ammunition-manufacturing company based out of Oregon. They are best known as a leader in the design and engineering of big game hunting bullets, but they also create whole-cartridges, brass, and a relatively-small selection of hunting rifles.

Nosler was founded in 1948 in Bend, Oregon by John Nosler, a big game hunter who saw a need for a more effective and reliable bullet. As the story goes, John failed to drop a Canadian moose, despite an accurate shot from is 300 H&H. Stewing over the missed trophy, he began imagining better ways to design bullets. What he created would go on to revolutionized big game hunting and launch one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

The product was called the “Partition” bullet. This projectile, which is made specifically for big game hunting, uses two lead core surrounded by a copper-alloy jacket to give the bullet both expansion and penetration. The first lead core is exposed at the tip, allowing it to mushroom effectively upon impact, while the second core, which is separated by a copper partition, keeps its shape and helps achieve superior penetration. This was the first innovation from Nosler, allowing John to officially launch the Nosler Partition Bullet Company in 1948.

John Nosler not only revolutionized bullet design, he also changed the way bullets are produced. He created a system called “impact extrusion,” which allowed him to create consistent bullets while adjusting production to meet different size and weight needs.

The next innovation was the “Solid Base” bullet. This projectile has a thick base with a tapered jacket, setting a new standard in aerodynamics and external consistency. While the Solid Base bullet was originally intended for big game, the design was used for varmint and target shooting, launching a sensation in the firearms industry.

Nosler also introduced the “Ballistic Tip Varmint” bullets, giving small-game hunters the same level of performance in their small-caliber firearms.

The company continues to innovate and expand the ammunition industry. Recent innovations include the “E-Tip” bullet, an all-copper projectile with a polymer tip that was launched in 2007, and the “Ballistic Tip Lead Free” bullet, which is available for .20-caliber through 6mm cartridges.

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