20rds – 28 Nosler Nosler Trophy Grade 175gr. AccuBond Long Range Ammo


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Nosler Ammunition 175 Grain Nosler AccuBond Ammo Details

When you want the best 28 Nosler hunting ammunition around, just turn to the guys who invented it. That’s Nosler, the Oregonian bullet extraordinaire which designed both the 28 Nosler and the AccuBond Long Range projectile!

The AccuBond LR’s high-performance boat tail, long jacket ogive and smooth-chambering polymer tip all act in the service of greater accuracy. The 175 grain bullet conserves its velocity so effectively that it stays supersonic past 1,800 yards! Do the math for yourself if you don’t believe it: G1 0.653; G7 0.326; MV 3,125 fps (26” test bbl).

Bond is the AccuBond LR’s middle name. Its fused core and jacket succeed at conserving the momentum needed to reach large game’s vitals. The nose cavity lurking beneath the bullet’s tip supplies the wide and lethal terminal expansion that’ll plant any North American game’s haunches flat on the ground.

Nosler’s component bullets are beloved by handloaders worldwide. Here’s your chance to use those same bullets without handloading at all. Each round features a reloadable brass case, high-quality primer, and unvarying propellant charge for clean, surefire performance!
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    Nosler AccuBond
  • Use Type
    Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
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    28 Nosler
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