50rds - 9mm Winchester Ranger Bonded 147gr. HP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm 147 Grain Hollow Point Ammo – 50 Round Box

For more than 150 years, Winchester has shaped the shooting world. One of the most recognized and respected names in the industry, Winchester represents a heritage of commitment, pride, innovation, and quality. The company continues the tradition of performance and quality in their Ranger line.

This package contains 50 rounds of Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm ammunition. Each round features a new 147 grain Winchester Ranger Bonded bullet manufactured using an innovative proprietary bonding process. This unique bonding process eliminates the limitations of traditional copper-plated projectiles.

Ranger Bonded ammunition has a controlled jacket thickness and taper design to ensure optimal ballistics and terminal performance. The proprietary bonding process results in a permanent core/jacket bond. This bond when paired with the special hollow point cavity, act in unison to deliver controlled expansion and deep penetration. The result is maximized weight retention though some of the toughest urban barriers, including auto glass.

This non-corrosive ammunition is factory fresh, boxer primed, and features reloadable brass casings. Delivering a consistent muzzle velocity of 995 feet per second with 320 foot pounds of threat-stopping energy, these loads are ideal for law enforcement and civilian self-defense.

Gel test Results

In hopes of giving ourselves and our customers a better idea how this 9mm Luger (9x19) self-defense ammo would perform if called upon in a self-defense scenario, we tested dozens of the best selling hollow points on the market.

We fired five rounds of this Winchester Ammunition 9mm Luger (9x19) ammo through a cloth barrier into Clear Ballistics calibrated synthetic gelatin and recorded the results. For these tests, we used a S&W M&P Shield with a -inch barrel. In the photos, graphics and video on this page, you can see specifically how the Winchester Ammunition ammo performed and how it sticks up with the rest of the 9mm Luger (9x19) ammo we have tested so far.

To read more about our testing procedures and discover what round makes the best self-defense ammo for you head to this page.

How do the results for this Winchester Ammunition 9mm Luger (9x19) compare to other 9mm Hollow Point Ammo?

50rds - 9mm Winchester Ranger Bonded 147gr. HP Ammo Gel Test Results

Bullet Depth (in.) 17 17 17.2 17.4 18
Expanded Diameter (in.) 0.53 0.57 0.58 0.58 0.66
Bullet Weight after shot (gr.) 146 146 146 147 147
Bullet Velocity (fps) 925 927 940 941 963

The Reviews

Whe Shooters and Hunters love or hate 50rds - 9mm Winchester Ranger Bonded 147gr. HP Ammo

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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by accurate and soft shooting

    I like this loading in my heavy for caliber lineup. it is a hard hitting very accurate load with very little muzzle flash. I was out plinking down to the river canyon with a 19. I brought a mag of the ra9b along with my plinking rounds.

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