50rds – 9mm Prvi Partizan 115gr. FMJ Ammo

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50rds – 9mm Prvi Partizan 115gr. FMJ Ammo Details

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1927 and originally went by the somewhat less catchy name of Fabrika Oružja i Municije Užice (or FOMA, if you were a Serb who was fond of acronyms). Their factory was heavily damaged by occupying forces during the Second World War, but nonetheless the town in which they were headquartered remained the only one in Yugoslavia to continue producing ammunition. The company became state owned in 1947, and today supplies their government and shooters throughout the world with first rate ammunition.

This 9mm cartridge sports a 115 grain bullet. It’s entirely likely you already favor that bullet weight in the weapon you carry for your personal safety, as few would dispute just how effective it is at neutralizing human-sized targets. The bullet’s dense jacket assures it will be able to penetrate a variety of target types, and also maintains your pistol’s accuracy so you can make good use of your time at the range without having to take a cleaning break.

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