50rds – 45 ACP Magtech 230gr. FMJ SWC Ammo

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Magtech 230 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Ammo Details

This 45 ACP round by Magtech is an excellent selection for training and target shooting courtesy of its 230 grain projectile. The bullet dons a full metal jacket, so it will feed reliably in your semi-automatic pistol and prevent its bore from gumming up with accuracy harming lead residue. The bullet’s semi-wadcutter profile enables it to stamp clearly defined and highly visible holes through paper targets, making it an excellent choice for competition or rewarding training. Because its bullet’s nose is tapered, this round will also feed reliably in a magazine fed weapon as well.

Magtech components evince the success and massive size of the CBC Group. You may reload this round’s factory fresh brass casing multiple times, and count on its non-corrosive primer to stay ready to ignite for ages. This cartridge’s propellant is weighed out to complement its caliber’s performance perfectly, and burns clean to preserve your weapon’s innards.
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    Range Training
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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