500rds - 9mm Silver Bear 115gr. FMJ Ammo

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500rds - 9mm Silver Bear 115gr. FMJ Ammo Details

This 9mm cartridge by Silver Bear features a 115 grain projectile. That bullet weight is very often utilized for self-defense, making this round an effective means of getting an approximate feel for how your personal defense loads will perform in your pistol. The bullet is clad in a full metal jacket, which means it will function positively in a semi-automatic firearm, prevent rapid accumulation of lead residue in the bore in order to preserve accuracy, and penetrate many types of plinking targets with relative ease.

This round features a steel casing, making it a cost-effective way to hone your skills all day at the range. This casing is non-reloadable, but it has a long shelf life thanks both to its non-corrosive Berdan primer and its zinc plating. The latter of those features further facilitates smooth feeding and ejection, and won’t leave behind a residue like a lacquer coating might have.
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