500rds – 45 ACP Winchester Ranger Bonded 230gr. JHP Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 230 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Winchester produces their Ranger Bonded ammunition for people whose line of work we don’t envy. At any moment a cop might have to engage a target that has taken cover behind any variety of barriers. But when they’ve got this 45 ACP round in their chamber, the odds are much better in their favor!.

This cartridge features an extremely potent 230 grain projectile. The bullet’s bonded jacket and core are virtually inseparable from one another, and accordingly resist peeling apart and separating as they pass through a layer of wall board, sheet metal, or even auto glass. The bullet’s hollow point nose cavity is similarly barrier resistant, so it preserves its ability to expand rapidly immediately after making contact with its target. The result is a bullet that carves out a deep and wide wound channel, which is the kind of wound channel bad guys don’t quickly bounce back from.

These 500 rounds will store beautifully long term thanks to their corrosion resistant brass shell casings and non-corrosive Boxer primers. With their carefully formulated and weighed propellant charges they perform interchangeably with each other as well!

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