500rds – 357 Magnum Prvi Partizan 158gr. SJHP Ammo

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500rds – 357 Magnum Prvi Partizan 158gr. SJHP Ammo Details

This 357 Magnum cartridge by Prvi Partizan features a 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow point projectile. Such a bullet is great for personal protection not only because it widens and destroys whatever soft organic material falls within its path. The bullet’s partial jacket prevents heavy lead fouling within the bore, strengthens it so that it can penetrate tough targets, and controls expansion so you can be certain that each shot will have a catastrophic impact on your target. That jacket further promotes reliable feeding, a feature you’ll value greatly if you favor a semi-automatic for your 357 Magnum shooting needs.

Prvi Partizan’s is a state of the art production facility, and their stringent quality control protocol ensures that each of their products are up to SAAMI specs. This round’s brass casing will survive being fired multiple times, a great investment if you handload, and its propellant burns without leaving excessive gummy and corrosive residues in its wake. For all of that, this is still an economical round, so you won’t find the prospect of training heavily with it distasteful.
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    357 Magnum
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