500rds – 270 Win Prvi Partizan 150gr. Soft Point Ammo

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500rds – 270 Win Prvi Partizan 150gr. Soft Point Ammo Details

The .270 Winchester is a popular, time-proven hunting caliber and these cartridges from Prvi Partizan will ensure that you take quality and modernized performance along with you on the hunt. This load utilizes a 150 grain soft point projectile which is heavy for the caliber and offers deep penetration alongside momentous energy. The penetrating effort is only slightly offset by the bullet's exposed lead tip which begins mushroom-like expansion upon impact in order to slow the round and transfer all of its energy to the heart and lungs for a humane, deer-dropping wound.

A toothed cannelure at the projectile's major diameter prevents fragmentation as well as jostling caused by recoil in order to yield maximum accuracy potential. Other components include non-corrosive Boxer primers fitted to reloadable brass casings which have been annealed at the neck and shoulder. The heat-treating process grants the cases flexibility for proper chamber seal and lowers the risk of splits and cracks for long hand-loading life. Prvi Partizan is a Serbian ammunition company that keeps up with the latest ammunition trends while keeping older calibers alive for C&R enthusiasts. U.S. shooters know the brand as a reliable import with a reasonable price tag.
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    270 Winchester
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