500rds - 223 Black Hills 62gr. Barnes TSX HP Ammo

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500rds - 223 Black Hills 62gr. Barnes TSX HP Ammo Details

Perfect for the high-volume shooter, this package contains 500 rounds of Black Hills Factory New .223 Remington ammunition. Made with premium components, Black Hills ammo delivers high-level performance and accuracy. Black Hills is best known for supplying match grade rounds to all four branches of the United States military. The company also manufactures civilian ammunition for tactical and sporting applications.

Each cartridge is loaded with a 62 grain TSX hollow point projectile. Designed by industry superstar Barnes, the TSX hollow point is made from solid copper and features multiple shank cuts that initiate expansion. These unique bullets expand up to twice their original diameter to form four surgically sharp petals. The expanded petals form an “X” that carves a massive wound channel, easily slicing through vital organs and soft tissue.

This 100 percent non-corrosive ammunition is boxer primed, reloadable, and brass cased. Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 3100 feet per second, each round generates 1323 foot pounds of muzzle energy. These affordable loads work well for a variety of tactical applications and can also be used to hunt small to medium-sized game animals.

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    223 Remington
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