20rds - 7.92X33 Kurz Prvi Partizan 124gr. FMJ BT Ammo

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20rds - 7.92X33 Kurz Prvi Partizan 124gr. FMJ BT Ammo Details

Prvi Partizan is known for being one of the only sources for a lot of uncommon ammunition. That’s exemplified by this 7.92x33 Kurz cartridge of theirs -- if you’ve an old Sturmgewehr 44 or Volkssturmgewehr 1-5 floating around in your collection, you’re not likely to find another source of ammunition for it unless you can locate a very old man hiding out in Argentina who can hook you up.

This round’s 124 grain projectile features a boat tail design, which improves its ballistic coefficient and as the result its accuracy, resistance to wind drift, and ability to maintain its momentum downrange. Its full metal jacket will treat your antique rifles bore with the gentle care that it’s owed.

This round’s casing is made of brass, so you’ll be able to reload it -- a great feature for a round you’re unlikely to find on the shelf at your local sporting goods store. Its primer is also non-corrosive, which’ll keep that old action intact for longer.
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    7.92 Kurz
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