20rds - 5.56 Federal Commercial Version MK318 MOD-0 62gr. OTM (SOST) Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 62 Grain Hollow Point Ammo Details

20 Rounds - 5.56 Federal Commercial Version MK318 MOD-0 62gr. OTM (SOST) Ammo

Produced by Minnesota-based Federal, this package contains 20 rounds of Federal Commercial Version MK318 MOD-0 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. Each round is loaded with a 62 grain Special Operations Science and Technology (SOST) Open Tip Match projectile. These projectiles produce impressive pinpoint accuracy and feature a lead core with a reverse copper jacket to create the open tip.

This new SOST round was designed for the US Marine Corps as a supplemental round to the M855 green tip ammunition. It offers enhanced ballistics and improved terminal performance. Designated as MK318 MOD-0, these rounds were engineered for barrier defeat and offer superior penetration and impressive in-flight stability.

These rounds are factory fresh, non-corrosive, and boxer primed. Each cartridge features a quality, reloadable brass casing and produces a muzzle velocity of 2925 feet per second with 1280 foot pounds of muzzle energy. These loads are guaranteed to provide the precision accuracy and terminal performance necessary for military duty or personal protection.

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