20rds – 45 ACP Sierra Outdoor Master 185gr. JHP Ammo


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Sierra Bullets 185 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Sierra’s Outdoor Master ammunition isn’t just a dependable selection for personal protection while you’re outdoors. Keep your 45 ACP handgun loaded with this ammo and you’ll be well-prepared to stand your ground wherever you carry it.

Sierra loads this ammo in the state of Missouri with their own Sports Master JHP projectile. The 185 grain bullet reaches a five-yard target with 399 ft lbs of energy, which on its own would very likely quickly neutralize a threat to your safety. But the Sports Master is also engineered for fast terminal expansion. Its jacket features an array of radial skives, which program the hollow point bullet to mushroom even at relatively low velocities. In short, this ammo delivers an incapacitating wound channel under a wide range of circumstances.

Sierra loads a self-defense cartridge to deliver reliable performance out in the field. This ammo has newly minted brass cases, with precision cut extractor grooves and straight, concentric walls to promote smooth performance in any semi-automatic. You can count on its non-corrosive Boxer primers to spark up when they are most needed.
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    Sierra Bullets
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    Self Defense
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by JRH

    I saw these tested online on several channels and my local store had some in stock so I bought some. Tested into soaked magazines/catalogs with a Glock G21. Same result. Perfect expansion, penetrated right at a foot deep, and left a gaping hole. I was impressed that this budget ammo performed as well as it did. I will buy again and would recommend. I only gave it four stars because the bullet is not bonded and the case is not nickel plated. If it featured either I would give it another star. Affordable with good consistent performance. I purchased some in 9m as well.

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