20rds – 300 Weatherby Mag Weatherby Ammunition 165gr. Spire Point Ammo

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20rds – 300 Weatherby Mag Weatherby Ammunition 165gr. Spire Point Ammo Details

This 300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge is appropriately manufactured by Weatherby Ammunition of Sheridan, Wyoming. Weatherby boasts that this round’s flat trajectory, long range, and killing power were unsurpassed by any other 300 magnum cartridge on the market until their introduction of the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum in 1959. In any event, no one could argue against this round’s effectiveness for taking large game.

This cartridge features a 165 grain spire point projectile. Also known as a spitzer, this type of bullet has a long ogive point shape which gives it a high degree of accuracy and kinetic efficiency. The bullet’s exposed core at its tip permits it to deform dramatically during penetration, creating a wide wound channel that with the right placement will debilitate your target right where it stands. This round further offers a top of the line brass casing, making it well worth any attention you’d give it at your reloading bench.
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    300 Weatherby Mag
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