20rds – 223 Rem Prvi Partizan 55gr. FMJBT Ammo


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20rds – 223 Rem Prvi Partizan 55gr. FMJBT Ammo Details

Shooting enthusiasts would argue as to whether or not the sky is blue, but Prvi Partizan has earned about as much consensus over their products’ superior quality as the community is capable of giving it. The Serbian manufacturer has been in business since 1928, so they’ve grasped all the ins and outs of ammunition production as there are. This 223 Rem cartridge is a glowing example of that fact. Its casing is as uniform in its dimensions as it can be, its primer doesn’t let down, and its propellant is the same as any other round in its box.

This round features a 55 grain projectile, so it’ll perform just how you’re accustomed to. Its bullet’s concentric jacket assures its rotational stability, and is hard so as to promote positive functioning. The bullet’s base is also tapered, significantly improving its accuracy by flattening its trajectory and preserving its velocity downrange. Once you’ve tested this round out at the range and given it your approval, come back to AmmoToGo.com and see about ordering a whole case of them -- AR-15’s are very hungry rifles by nature.

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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by DANIEL BRIDGES

    Great Ammunition, absolutely no blemishes in the cases like you get with Whitebox and UMC. I was greatly impressed for the price I will buy PPU and PMC anyday over UMC or Whitebox. All PPU I've ever shot went bang.

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