20rds – 10mm Federal Personal Defense 180gr. JHP Ammo

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20rds – 10mm Federal Personal Defense 180gr. JHP Ammo Details

Federal was officially founded in 1916, although they didn’t really get traction until six years later when Charles Horn took the reins. One of his groundbreaking ideas was to sell ammo wherever it could be stocked – grocery stores, gas stations, even barbershops. We hope you may one day be able to get a bowl cut and a box of 10mm rounds in the same place again, but until that happens you’re better off ordering Federal’s personal protection ammo from us!

This is the standard type of 10mm cartridge you should look for when you want to set your pistol to self-defense mode. Its bullet weighs 180 grains, the most common weight for its caliber and accordingly one that delivers recoil and ballistics similar to what most 10mm shooters are accustomed to. (We regret we have not yet discerned this round’s exact muzzle velocity.)

This round’s JHP features symmetrical notches finely cut around the rim of its nose cavity. Following initial penetration they help to ensure the bullet expands fast, uniformly, and in such a fashion that creates a far wider wound channel than the bullet’s original 0.4005” diameter could account for. Any wound cavity wider than half an inch is going to dissuade even the fiercest drug fiend from continuing their ill-advised attack against you. Multiple wound channels can only amplify this effect.

Federal loads virgin brass cases, drawn to specific tolerances so even the most finicky handgun should cycle without hesitation. Once this round’s non-corrosive Boxer primer and clean burning propellant have fulfilled their mission, put that handy piece of brass into rotation at a reloading station!

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