1000rds – 9mm Speer Lawman Clean-Fire 124gr. TMJ Ammo

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1000rds – 9mm Speer Lawman Clean-Fire 124gr. TMJ Ammo Details

When you train indoors, you should only come out the better for it: sharper aim, greater confidence that you can handle yourself when you’re assaulted, and happier for having gotten to do something that, at the end of the day, is objectively fun. Your lungs shouldn’t have to become any worse for training indoors, although a traditional load may impact your health wherever ventilation is inadequate. Enter this 9mm cartridge by Speer, which is optimized to protect your soft, delicate breathing bits as you’re firing away.

This round features a 124 grain total metal jacket projectile. Just like an FMJ, this bullet will feed reliably in a semi-automatic firearm and keep the bore from becoming lousy with lead residue. A TMJ goes even further by shielding the lead in its core against hot propellant gasses, so it won’t evaporate and enter the air around you. Very handy stuff.

This cartridge also features Speer’s patented Clean-Fire primer. The primer contains no lead, barium, or antimony, three elements which your body would greatly prefer not to have inside of it. That even further suits this round for indoor training, and with 1,000 you’ll be that much better off for having invested in them!
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