1000rds – 9mm +P Armscor USA 115gr. JHP Ammo


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1000rds – 9mm +P Armscor USA 115gr. JHP Ammo Details

No one ever walked away after defending themself from a physical attack wishing that their handgun’s ammunition had been weaker. If you’d like to harness the higher potential of the 9mm +P for the sake of your personal safety, then Armsor is at your service.

This 9mm +P round dumps a lot of energy into its target. It’s loaded to push its light 115 grain projectile to a muzzle velocity of 1,350 fps – which is blistering fast, as far as a 9mm handgun is concerned – so it can achieve a muzzle energy comparable to that of a 40 S&W!

The jacketed hollow point bullet is optimal for self-defense as well. Here is a bullet that feeds, chambers and fires every bit as reliably as the target shooter’s FMJ, but which is also able to rapidly expand as it pierces muscles and organs. The wider the wound channel, the faster the threat drops! (Well, there’s a little more ballistic science to it than that, but at heart it’s true.)

Armscor exclusively loads their own freshly cut and drawn brass cases, as well as non-corrosive primers that won’t fail to light up or preserve your firearm from rusting up. Please make certain your handgun is rated for 9mm +P before ordering this case of ammo – go ahead and ask us if you’re unsure, we’re big gun nerds here!

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    posted on by Calina Timis

    This is the ammo I trust

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