50rds – 9mm Winchester WinClean 147gr. Brass Enclosed Base (BEB)

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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain BEB Ammo Details

This 9mm cartridge by Winchester is ideal if you spend a lot of time training in an inadequately ventilated indoor range. It’s a WinClean -- that means its primer is not only sensitive and non-corrosive, but also devoid of lead and heavy metals. When ignited this primer won’t foul your breathing space with a lot of ugly junk that doesn’t belong in your lungs. Furthermore, this round is capped with a 147 grain brass enclosed base (BEB) projectile. Because this bullet’s core is shielded against hot propellant gasses during ignition, it too won’t dirty your air with toxic fumes. A healthy shooter is a happy shooter, and also one who’ll live a long time to go shopping on their favorite online ammunition retailer, AmmoToGo.com. Everyone wins!

This round also offers a brand new brass casing, which evinces Winchester’s thorough commitment to quality in every way and accordingly can be reloaded several times.
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