50rds – 9mm Ammo Inc. Streak 124gr. TMJ Non-Incendiary Visual Tracer Ammo


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Streak 124 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Ammo Inc. Steak 9mm ammunition will let you do more than see where your shot lands. It will illuminate the path your shot took on its way there, too! It is a great way to fine-tune your marksmanship – without an increased risk of starting a fire.

This round’s 124 grain total metal jacket projectile is not incendiary and does not produce any heat. The secret is the special material coating the bullet’s base. When a bright muzzle flash illuminates that material, it reflects the light back toward the guy holding the firearm so he can clearly make out his shot’s trajectory. (This is the red version of the ammo.)

Even if it weren’t reflective, this round’s bullet would still be a great choice for target practice. The total metal jacket doesn’t produce lead fouling that gradually chips away at a firearm’s accuracy. It also doesn’t emit lead vapor, so you can breathe easier while you’re at an indoor range. And you do want to fire this ammo indoors (or in low lighting) so you can witness its glowing trail.

Ammo Inc. ammo is loaded in Arizona with freshly minted brass cases and noncorrosive Boxer primers. This ammo is reloadable, but good luck figuring out how to make your handloads’ bullets luminescent.
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