50rds – 7.62 Tokarev Prvi Partizan Defense Line 85gr. JHP Ammo


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50rds – 7.62 Tokarev Prvi Partizan Defense Line 85gr. JHP Ammo Details

Do you own a Tokarev TT-33, Zastava M57, ČZ vz. 52, or some other Eastern European firearm that exclusively runs on 7.62x25mm Tokarev? Would you like the option of using your Bloc Party pistol for self-defense? Then you can count on Prvi Partizan – the largest ammunition manufacturer in Serbia!

This cartridge has a standard-for-caliber 85 grain projectile, which will pick up a velocity of 1,673 fps upon clearing a 9.84” barrel (Serbia, where metric is king, recorded the round’s MV with a 250mm test barrel). The bullet will strike its target with approximately 492 ft lbs of kinetic energy at 10.9 yards.

The jacketed hollow point is fully functional, complete with a notched rim to promote more uniform terminal expansion. Prvi Partizan does not reduce their production costs by creating bullets with bi-metal jackets. Their JHP exclusively contains copper alloy and lead, leaving it incapable of attracting a magnet.

This is new production ammo – not Soviet era surplus that was scooped up and repackaged. That means you will find reloadable virgin brass cases on these self-defense loads, as well as noncorrosive Boxer primers.
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