50rds – 45 GAP Speer Gold Dot 185gr. JHP Ammo

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50rds – 45 GAP Speer Gold Dot 185gr. JHP Ammo Details

Play with whatever kind of ammo you like while you’re having fun at the range, but take no chances when you load up your everyday carry before setting out to where it could be dangerous. This 45 GAP cartridge by Speer is one of the most reliable on the market thanks to its 185 grain Gold Dot projectile. As its sturdy alloyed lead core is electrochemically fused to its copper jacket, the Gold Dot is not only accurate -- it is also able to retain virtually all of its weight as it penetrates resilient barriers and targets alike. This bullet’s hollow point nose cavity is the product of a series of precision die presses, and is programmed to release its energy as it expands to a reliable width at a measured rate.

Speer outfitted this round with CCI’s sensitive and trustworthy non-corrosive primer, which along with its clean burning propellant charge will keep your pistol in better working order in between cleanings. This round’s nickel plated brass casing feeds and extracts with marked precision, and is able to shrug off the kind of corrosion that may have rendered a round inoperable.
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    45 GAP
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