50rds – 45 ACP Ammo Inc. Streak 230gr. TMJ Non-Incendiary Visual Tracer Ammo


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Streak 230 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Eat however many carrots as you like. No amount of the roots will ever make your eyesight keen enough to see a 45 ACP bullet’s trajectory. But thanks to Ammo Inc. Streak ammunition, your bullets’ paths to their targets can become plain as the nose on your face!

This cartridge’s bullet does not contain any flammable material or generate any heat. It only reflects light thanks to the luminescent dot on its base. When normal muzzle flash illuminates that dot, it trails red light that clearly marks the bullet’s trajectory. Ammo Inc. advises firing this non-incendiary tracer ammo in low lighting and indoor ranges, the latter of which it’s especially well suited for thanks to its total metal jacket projectile. The TMJ’s base is fully jacketed, so hot ignition isn’t capable of burning off any part of its isolated lead core. Streak ammo will let you see your bullet, but it won’t let you inhale any part of it!

This ammo’s non-expanding and nonmagnetic projectiles are seated in virgin reloadable brass cases. Ammo Inc.’s Arizona-made ammunition additionally features Hyperclean Technology, which decelerates fouling by promoting more complete propellant combustion.
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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