50rds – 38 Special Prvi Partizan 158gr. Semi-Wadcutter Ammo

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50rds – 38 Special Prvi Partizan 158gr. Semi-Wadcutter Ammo Details

This 38 Special round by Serbian manufacturer Prvi Partizan features a 158 grain semi-wadcutter projectile. The bullet’s broad, flat meplat is perfect for cutting neat and tidy circles through a paper target, just the ticket for satisfying practice and easily scored competitive shooting. This bullet’s tapered sides will enable it to feed efficiently through a semi-automatic, and also makes it easier to load into a cylinder. Note that a semi-wadcutter’s utility isn’t limited to the range -- you may very well favor this type of bullet if you carry a snubnose for personal protection, as the wide wound channel it produces coupled with its modest ability to deform during penetration may beat out what a hollow point could accomplish from so short a barrel.

No one denies that Prvi Partizan makes great ammo. Look to this round’s factory fresh brass casing, clean burning propellant, and sure-fire Boxer primer for evidence of why that is!
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    38 Special
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