50rds – 357 Magnum Prvi Partizan 158gr. JHP Ammo


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50rds – 357 Magnum Prvi Partizan 158gr. JHP Ammo Details

Serbia has the largest defense industry out of any country in the Balkans -- the country clears about a half billion from the export of weaponry and other military equipment annually. It’s by no means their biggest cash cow, but the fact that Prvi Partizan products are also pivotal to national defense (their soldiers would be hard up without it) means that they’re ones you can soundly trust in your own firearms.

This 357 Magnum cartridge offers a lot of value. Its brass casing has been expertly drawn and tapered, its Boxer primer, which is non-corrosive, will spark clean and store reliably, and its propellant has been measured to produce a consistent muzzle velocity. This round is optimized for self-defense with its 158 grain jacketed hollow point projectile, a bullet that both penetrates targets reliably and expands catastrophically within them, but that it’s also budget-friendly means training with your self defense load won’t incur you distasteful costs.
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    357 Magnum
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